Basic information

Number of beds

Length interior/exterior

Width interior/exterior

Number of bedrooms

Number of bathrooms



Facade 2

Technical data

Length interior/exterior 4,5/5,6
Width interior/exterior 3,2/4,1
Height interior/exterior 2,45/3
Area 14,40
Number of beds -
Number of bedrooms -
Number of bathrooms -
Kitchen -
Transport length 2,5
Transport width 2
Transport height 0,9
Leveling Feet O, 1-2%
Anchoring Kit - Steel rod O
Anchoring Kit - Steel ancor O
Carpet O
Pinewood boards floor X
Larchwood boards floor O
Construction poles Pinewood KVH 60 x 100 X
Roof canvas Sattler Complain 641 670g/m2 (FR) O
Roof canvas TenCate Solair KA46 420g/m2 X
Roof canvas TenCate Campshield FR1 420g/m2 (FR) O
Interior canvas TenCate Cotton KD24 340g/m2 O
Interior canvas TenCate Campshield FR2 290g/m2 (FR) O
Window with mosquito net X
Front entrance opening secton on zipper X
Mosquito net for entrance opening X
Pad lock system O
Master key for pad lock system O
Winter cover O
Interior canvas TenCate KA46 420g/m2 X
Canopy over entrance X
Terrace larchwood large O, 400x100cm
Lounge furniture with two chairs and coffe table O
Sun loungers (2 pcs) O